Cameras at intersections. WTF?

I suppose the whole purpose of this blog is bitch about things I hate with technology.  I am a believer in the idea that “Just because you can, does not mean you should”.   What do I mean with that statement?  Well, it starts with traffic light cameras, and it goes to hell from there.

The idea is simple.  Have a problem with an intersection?  Put a camera in place to automatically send a ticket when someone runs the light.  What a great idea!!!  I don’t think so.  I cannot remember where I heard or read it, but if you have a problem with people running a traffic light then you have a problem with the intersection.  Fix the problem with the engineering at the location, do not try to monetize the problem to line your pocket with money.  That seems to be the flavor of the day in “the future” were we all live.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I think that it’s okay to blow through a traffic light, but what about the times when something is necessary.  My bitch is that I do not want a computer sending a human a ticket for a traffic infraction.  Keep the human element in the equation, make sure all facts are known about a situation before a human is made to answer for a question raised by an automated system. Computers are here to make our life more simple, not send us fines and citations based on an inflexible set of rules.

Sure you can fight the ticket, but at what expense?  Save a job, create a job.  Insist that police officers do their job and not a computer.

I think it’s simple and fundamental.  Put People before Computers.  (PB4C)

Curious about how many cameras there are in Georgia?  Check out this link:

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